Into the World of HunterXHunter

Hunter X Hunter ( ハンター×ハンター ) is undeniably one of the household franchise when it comes to anime. The anime series originated from the Manga series which was serialized in Jump since March 1998. The first anime series was aired back in 1999, as such, you might think that it is a decade too late to be writing about this series. And you may be right, but for me it is never too late to enjoy something.

90’s, this might be the era of Anime explosion all over the world. Shows like, Dragonball Z, Ghost fighter, Flame of Recca, Gundam series, etc… are so huge
that they are watched worldwide passionately. Even until today, the effect of these shows can be observed in figures and in reboots.

One of the reasons why I was not hooked by the show at the time it aired was it was also the time when Ghost fighter
was such a big deal in our place. We as kids play like characters from the show and display our fighting skills with power
and with our own brand of sound effects. It was a time where the kids play outside, ran like hell and moved with seemingly endless
supply of energy. We were busy copying techniques from Ghost fighter that we missed watching Hunter X Hunter religiously.


Aside from amazing fight scenes, the ever-motivational story line, HunterXHunter is also known for its long hiatuses. This is another reason why
I did not put a lot of effort keeping up with it back then. No one wants to wait months and years are out of the question just to see what’s next on their adventure.

The pickup…

A couple of days ago, my significant other re-introduced me with HunterXhunter again and decided that we should pick the show up again. It turns out that she was a huge fan of the show growing up.
We stumbled upon the show on Netflix and started watching it again together. This time, with all my reasons out of the way I really am finding myself enjoying the show today.
We are early on the first season and I can see myself finishing this one this time. It may be the fact that HunterXhunter’s really good
or just it really is better to share something you love with someone you love.

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