Chaotic World of the Chaos Child

Chaos Child.To make a winding story short. Chaos Child is one of those chaotic stories. With
a seemingly extra ordinary beginning and an out of the mind ending.

I really like shows that starts with a back story, a memory from the past, a historical background of some sort. That’s why I expected something huge from Chaos child. It started that way too, and from the first episode alone, it can pique your interest in a really, REALLY unexplainable way.

Getting through the first few episodes is just like any other mystery anime
series. At one point it also reminded me of my days with Haruhi Suzumiya. those days were as bizarre as they were entertaining. Going back to the chaotic world of Chaos Child, it gives you the same vibes from the first half of the show but it takes a sharp, weird, and mind-boggling turn, for worse or better? You’d get to decide once you started with the latter part of the show when they started wielding their weapons.

Yes! They have weapons, although not like the weapons hunter use. At the end of it, they made use of time-manipulating narration, again. It’s just fine and it seems that they were able to explain most of the intrinsic details of the plot. But for me, I think they relied TOO hard on twists and turns and the ending was just a lazy way to finish the show. It felt like that they were short on time or something. It was just like rushed. All in all, in the beginning, it started with a huge potential, but it ended in a weird note.

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