The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo

It has been a really trying day and I found myself in search of a companion capable of disrupting reality. I opened up the computer and went to my favorite site, trying to find an escape from the ever challenging real life. And that’s when I stumbled upon a truly odd but enticing lad. Saiki Kusuo was his name.

Kusuo Saiki, he is just an ordinary high school boy who is struggles and goes the distance to live the life of his dream — an ordinary one. He lives in
a normal house with a regular set of parents. He goes to an ordinary high school with “normal” kids his age. So what’s the big deal? Oh, I forgot to mention that Saiki is a psychic.

Coffee-Jelly over Peace

Teleportation, telepathy, super strong body, and bending spoons, these abilities and many others come naturally to Saiki. He’s born with all these gifts which ironically he treats as a curse. There is nothing in the world, aside from coffee-jelly, that he desires, peace and quiet. Oddly enough, these abilities aren’t the sole reason why he can’t lead a normal quiet life. All the disasters stem from the people around him. From his parents and from his classmates.

There are many odd but likeable characters doing their own thing around Saiki and the funny thing is, the harder he tries to stay away from them, the more they get closer to him and that’s how their hilariously disastrous lives entangled together.

This really is a good watch and I haven’t laughed that much from a gag anime before. I like it and I still rewatch it from time to time. Even though it is just a gag anime, you still have to watch it chronologically because…well, it has a STORY! The length of this anime is really an issue in the end, not because it’s too long but because it’s TOO SHORT!

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