Non Non Biyori : Relaxed and Carefree

Massages, swimming, shooting, drinking, and a lot more. We all tend to have a way to steam out stress, a unique way to relax our minds, body and our souls. If you would ask me right now and here, what it is for me? I would never think twice and answer “to play video games”. But back then, when everything was as simple as the river flows in one direction, I would have answered differently. It all sometimes depends on the time of year, the mood and the level of stress I was dealing with. But there was a particular time when I was relieved by a certain anime show in a pleasantly surprising way.

Non Non Biyori. Personally, I consider this to be one of the rare gems you can find in a mountain of unchartered and unflourished rocks and boulders. There’s no over-the-top action scenes, no exagerrated dramatic experience, no over pleasing fan service shots and no extensive adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against all of those mentioned but I was highlighting that even without all those cliches, this anime will not fail to impress in a different sense. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or an invigorating evening, this is a perfect show to binge watch.

The calmness of the whole thing is evident from even the setting itself. It takes place in a far away countryside called Asahigaoka. It’s a small town village which sticks to the plain and simple living. It misses out on many of the conveniences people from the city enjoy. No buildings, no stores and no pollution in a few miles surrounding the town. The place is filled with greeneries, from farm to hills and mountains. It’s a paradise that you would like to visit once in a while to get away from the toxicity of the city life. The town is so small that there is only one school in it. And the story revolves around the 5 students in the school, all in one classroom despite being on different grades.

The story starts when Hotaru Ichijo transfers to the town from Tokyo. She meets with the others as she tries to adopt with the countryside way of living. The whole show depicts their day to day lives and their everyday mini adventures. As she grows accustomed to the life, her relationship with her “classmates” also grows deeper. And why not? Even the most snob person from the city would melt while hanging out with such lovable characters.

Hotaru Ichijo
She is the transfer student from Tokyo. Already in fifth grade she was forced to move because of her father’s job.

Miyauchi, Renge
She’s a first grader with a unique and confusing way of greeting people good morning. She says “nyan-pasu” which roughly translates to “meow-ning”. Out of all the characters, She might be the cutest when it comes to her quirks. (LOLI ALERT!!!) Although she might be the typical girl her age, she sometimes impress people with her perceptiveness.

Natsumi Koshigaya
She is a first-year middle school student. She’s taller than the rest of the gang and might fall into your typical sporty athletic girls. She also likes to play pranks and as you would have guessed, does poorly in school. She is one of the two sisters who goes to the school.

Komari Koshigaya
Komari is the older sister of Natsumi. Unlike her sister, she’s quite short for her age. She is a second year middle school. She is quite the innocent and vulnerable one.

Suguru Koshigaya
Suguru is the older brother of Natsumi and Komari. She’s the only boy who goes to school and not a single time had any dialogue.


In conclusion, this anime is really a relaxing way to pass the stress away. It is so laid-back and it feels good just to seat back and watch them go through the life of countryside. If you want to ease whatever hard time you are going though, I really recommend that you just sit your ass down, turn that TV on and tune in to this anime. With only 12 episodes, you would wish that it would never end.

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