Kuroko no Basket : The Last Game

I have always been fond of basketball. Actually, if my genes were kind enough to grant me the height and the build to be a player, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would have strived as hard as I could to be a pro in the sports. But as destiny would have it, here I am writing about my frustration about it instead.

Anyways, I mentioned basketball since it’s the main theme of Kuroko no Basket, an anime I found myself enjoying more than I would like to admit. At first glance, It seemed to me that it was just an over the top attempt to over dramaticize and over appreciate the game of basketball. But a few episodes into the series, I find myself wanting to hold a basketball on my hand and play a game of ball. Maybe it was the kid in me or the moves they create in the show are really tempting to imitate, not that anyone could really do them in real life.

That being said, I am not writing here wanting to talk about the series and how magnificent it was and how impatient I am for the next installation. I want to share with you the effect of it’s movie entitled Kuroko no Basket: The Last Game, had on me.

More than a dream…

In a quick word, the movie started with depicting the normal scenario establishing the dominance of the antagonists in the persona of American street-ballers. They are kind of what we know as Harlem globetrotters. Exhibition-style moves and flares. They made the Japanese team look like fools and they insulted the whole country with the loss. In an attempt to redeem the pride of Japan, the Generation of Miracles assembled (yeah just like the Avengers) and teamed up with other high school players to challenge the foreigners.

The game tipped off and showcased the out of this world talents of the generation of miracles and the streetballers found themselves a little match. As the foreigners stood tall with them, the Generation of Miracles proved to be lacking something against the visitors. As the game progresses, several back stories and issues have been resolved resulting to a more potent team than before.


In conclusion, the movie did a really good job with the build up of emotions and intensity leading to the climax of not only the game but also the movie. Every play seemed to be crucial and I found myself on the edge of my seat awaiting for the next play to unfold.

Till next game?

The movie ends with a sort of a cliffhanger which if you think about it, has a lot of impact in the continuation of the series, will it really be as the movie said “LAST GAME” or will there be another stage for the high school stars to showcase their prowess.

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